About Me


My name is Amie and I love to cook. I teach psychology at a secondary school, and life is busy. But now I want to share my healthy recipes with others. When you have little time during the week, it’s great to have quick and easy recipes to hand. It’s also great when you look in the fridge, put all your left overs into some random concoction, and it ends up being surprisingly tasty.

My food habits are all about variety. If I get bored of what I’m eating, I eat crap, full stop. If I’m enjoying what I’m eating, then being healthy isn’t a chore. I just couldn’t eat porridge every morning. I mean, I like porridge, but not every day.

I’m not one to count calories, but portion sizes are important. I just use healthy ingredients and make everything from scratch. I hate feeling that I am being controlled by a scheduled diet. I’ve tried it before. You print out a list of what you’re having for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, and follow it to the letter. Bullshit! What sort of life is that? I want to be in control of what I eat.

I’m also a ‘dustbin’, a fond name given to me by my mum. I eat pretty much anything, and if I don’t like something, I keep trying it until I do. It’s hard to believe that I used to hate olives and blue cheese. However, offal can f**k off. It’s not going to appear in any of my recipes. Anyway, being a ‘dustbin’ means I hate wasting food. The main reason for food waste is lack of time and preparation. You buy food in, realise you cant cook it, then it goes into the bin. I am forever putting things in the freezer to avoid this. I make food in bulk, freeze it, heat it, then eat it.

Finally, if like me, you hate overenthusiastic recipe videos that are flooding social media sites, then you are definitely going to get a more relaxed vibe here. Don’t get me wrong, video recipes can be great, but you won’t find any gimmicks or catchphrases here.

To summarise, if you like variety, hate food waste and want to make a permanent change in your eating habits, then you might want to have a look at my recipes from time-to-time. Hopefully it can inspire you to make your own recipes. I honestly believe that if you create your own food with your own spin on it, it helps to develop a sense of control and keeps you motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy yourself, and enjoy HUNI,