Burnt Honey Pears


This is a perfect winter treat. I sometimes have it for breakfast with some nuts, but it is also a lovely treat when you are in need of a sweet fix. It is so quick and easy to make.


  • 6-8 small pears
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 10g full fat butter
  • Greek yogurt


  1. Cut off the stalk bits from the top and bottom of 6 pears.
  2. Cut the pears in half and put them face down in a pan.
  3. To the pan, add one table spoon of honey and 10 grams of butter.
  4. Whack the heat of your hob up high. The honey butter mix will start to bubble. You want to leave it bubbling until the pears start to caramelise and you can see the sauce turn to the colour you can see in the picture.
  5. To plate up, dollop a couple of table spoons of greek yogurt, place two pear halves on top, and drizzle over a bit of that delicious sauce.

You now have 5 portions of pears left over to munch on. I wouldn’t recommend eating this everyday. You can leave it in the the fridge for 5 days, or freeze it and heat it up later on.


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